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Melodic death metal with neoclassical and power metal vibe!
Pure energy, powerful riffs, fast shredding solos, melodic lead guitars, beautiful passages in style of classical music, graceful orchestrations and expressive vocals.

"Could death metal and power metal actually blend together nicely? Well, if you want to try so, it will surely require a massive imagination and creativity, and Instorm is right there." -

"Instorm were able to bring out all the epicness and grandious Iron Maiden and Helloween applied to their music with an insane vociferation. The combination of early Power Metal with a raspy vocal does all the magic to Instorm." -

"So much enjoyment can be gained from Instorm - Taming the Chaos, no matter the tempo, vocal style or intensity of the riffs. Each track has something that makes it stand out." -