Psycho Violence

Dec 09, 2022 [LP]

Psycho Violence is the third full-length Instorm album, released on December 9, 2022 via Metal Carnival Records.
On this record Instorm continue to explore the neoclassical melodic death metal genre, but also add a new palette and facets to their sound. Psycho Violence offers delicious guitar work and rich orchestrations. The main lyrical theme of the album is emotional and mental abuse, something that almost every person gets to face on a daily basis, to a greater or lesser extent.

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  1. Psycho Violence
    (Music: Roman Nemtsev / Marina Nemtseva; Lyrics: Roman Nemtsev)
  2. Time Reaper
    (Music and Lyrics: Roman Nemtsev)
  3. Senseless Dominion
    (Music and Lyrics: Marina Nemtseva / Roman Nemtsev)
  4. The Call
    (Music and Lyrics: Marina Nemtseva)
  5. In Time
    (Music: Roman Nemtsev, Marina Nemtseva / Lyrics: Marina Nemtseva)
  6. The Smoldering Agony
    (Music: Roman Nemtsev, Marina Nemtseva / Lyrics: Marina Nemtseva)
  7. Wings for Eternity
    (Music and Lyrics: Roman Nemtsev)
  8. Bloody Touch
    (Music: Marina Nemtseva / Lyrics: Roman Nemtsev)
  9. Tears of Winters
    (Music and Lyrics: Marina Nemtseva)
  10. Black & White
    (Music: Roman Nemtsev)


Music and lyrics by Roman Nemtsev, Marina Nemtseva
Recorded at Tremors Sound Studio
Mixing and mastering by Roman Nemtsev at Tremors Sound Studio
Arrangements by Roman Nemtsev and Marina Nemtseva
Cover artwork by Marina Nemtseva
Label: Metal Carnival Records